Sex & Dating | July 13, 2016 9:00 am

All-Star Retirement Home Has In-House Dating Service, Its Own Prom

Better pack your Cialis, Wilbur

Want to read a good short story?

Check out Elmore Leonard’s Hanging Out in the Buena Vista. It’s about a rascal retiree who meets a nice dame in a Florida retirement community and they, uh, hit it off.

It gives a man hope in the most Leonardian way possible. And according to a recent New York Times article, it’s no longer just the stuff of fiction.

The Hebrew Home in the Bronx, New York, comes with a dating service called G Date that sets up residents, a prom night and even a documented “sexual expression policy.”

“If intimacy leads to a sexual relationship, then let’s deal with it as grown-ups,” Daniel Reingold, the president of the company that operates the Hebrew Home, told the Times. His sentiments represent a progressive stance on the subject, which has long been taboo but is increasingly in need of reform as baby boomers take over a space formerly occupied by a more conserative generation.

One word of warning, though: before you ship mom and dad to the big city, you might want to check out the home’s Yelp reviews.