Sex & Dating | September 20, 2016 9:00 am

Guys Who Are Happy With Their Penises Are Having All the Sex

It's not about size — it's about how much you love it

The world can be cruel and chaotic. This much we know is true.

But we’re here to deliver a bit of news that might pave the way for some positivity. If you’re male and you’re American, one recent study should have you pretty stoked: The Archives of Sexual Behavior have revealed 86 percent of American men are secure with the status of their netherlies — frank as well as beans.

The data states that 64% of the nearly 4,000 men surveyed are highly satisfied with the size of their testes, while 61% are highly satisfied with the girth of their members. At the other end of the spectrum, only 19% of participants expressed being “dissatisfied” with their penis length.

Presumably, that means that at least 31% of the men in the study were at or below the size median, but totally OK with it! Translation: size only matters to those who decide it does.

Considering that the dissatisfied respondents were also 13 times less likely to be having regular sex, we recommend loving your beautiful, unique American snowflake of a penis, no matter how it compares to all the other penises on a giant hypothetical American penis chart.