Science | November 7, 2017 10:00 am

Never-Before-Seen Footage Shows Sharks Attacking Submarine

Cow sharks rammed submersible to defend a whale shark carcass they were feasting upon.

Cow sharks on Blue Planet II. (YouTube/BBC)
Cow sharks on Blue Planet II. (YouTube/BBC)

Heart-pounding, behind-the-scenes footage from the BBC’s Blue Planet II reveals several sixgill sharks—also known as cow sharks—trying to take bites out of the film crew’s submarine.

Submerged nearly a half-mile below the surface, the team descended to investigate what happens to a whale shark carcass after it sinks to the bottom of the sea floor. When the cow sharks perceived them as uninvited competition for meat, they weren’t shy about making it clear who rules these waters. Take a deep breath and press play on the video above.