San Francisco | May 8, 2017 9:00 am

This Wallet Can Charge Your Phone

Anything's a charger if you try hard enough

What do you want from a wallet? 

Not much. Keep your cards in one place. Bonus if it looks good.

But what if this good-looking, card-keeping, wallet could also charge your phone — with the sun, no less. And all this without bulk. 

Now that’s a wallet worth having.

It’s billed as the “1st smart wallet with solar + USB charge & tracking.”  Let’s break that down. 

Basically it means you’ll (a) always be able to charge your phone and (b) never lose your wallet — thus eliminating two notable hassles of 21st-century living. 

The wallet’s internal battery is chargeable either by USB or by the sun. That battery? It’ll supply 10-plus hours of phone-battery life — definitely enough to get you home in a pinch, whether by car-share (we’re not saying their name) or Google Maps. 

For the security-minded, both the slim wallet and a passport holder offer RFID protection — keeping your stuff safe from skimmers. 

None of this would matter if the wallet was built like a brick — but it’s slim-slim, and made of soft nappa leather. 

Next thing you know, your wallet will be making your dinner. 

Till then, this will do fine.