San Francisco | June 29, 2015 9:00 am

The 24-Hour Guide to Getting Outta Dodge

In five easy steps.

By The Editors


Shorthand for not having enough time to plan a proper trip.

Remove it from your vocabulary, with this:

Goin’ to Calistoga, a Five-Step Guide.

When you’re headed out of town for a short amount of time — say, 24 hours — everything has to line up.

The stay.

The spa.

The restaurant.

The traffic lights, if you’re lucky.

The itinerary we’ve designed (in NorCal’s capital of rustic-luxe chic — Calistoga) packs in as many sights as one can muster in the space of 24 hours.

These are just the five best picks, from an award-winning, super-private inn to one of the region’s top restaurants.

We even managed something for the kids.

Sheep, chickens and a pool. If you’re between the ages of five and 12 (or 100), that’s probably a pretty good list.

Everything’s within a few minutes of each other.

Because at a certain point, a man gets tired of checking every box off some imaginary been-there-done-that list.

And just wants to check the best boxes.

These are they.

Enjoy the guide.

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