San Francisco | September 16, 2014 9:00 am

Public Spectacle

Self Edge enters the shade business

By The Editors

Sunny days, fleeting though they may be, are upon us.

Begging the question of how best to shade one’s windows to the soul.

Answer comes in the form of the new Cozumel sunglasses collection by denim kings Self Edge, available now.

Developed in collaboration with Japan’s Globe Specs, Self Edge’s first foray into eyewear takes its style cues straight from the book of Hunter S. Thompson.

Al Satterwhite’s Cozumel Diary, to be specific.

And while Thompson was no stranger to suspect fashion choices, dude’s taste in sunglasses was impeccable.

The line’s available in three variations on a theme of titanium and hand-finished acetate perfection, with the gold-plated Uno taking honors as the most faithful reproduction.

And they’re limited to a run of two hundred.

Try them on at Self Edge’s shop on Valencia, but make it snappy.

The sun’ll be around far longer than their stock.