San Francisco | January 23, 2018 9:00 am

Here’s Your Fastest Route to Backcountry Bliss

Pacific Overlander provides fully equipped adventuremobiles

By The Editors

If you wanna escape to the woods, but don’t have all the necessary supplies — which is perfectly fine, not all of us can be avid outdoorsmen — it doesn’t mean you should settle for a slapdash outing with gear rounded up from your more active, capable friends.

You deserve better.

In service of better: Pacific Overlander, a new San Francisco concern that rents out fully-outfitted overland vehicles and four-wheel campers with a minimum rental of three days, because if you’re gonna take on the lam, you better make it worth your while.

The way it works is simple. Pacific Overlander’s fleet includes trucks outfitted with Autohome rooftop tents that’ll sleep two people, plus camp chairs and a table, lanterns and cooking and dining equipment.

If you need help planning a trip, they’ll help with that, too, with complimentary itinerary planning and add-ons like satellite GPS devices and regional maps.

Unfortunately for the rest of the continental United States, Pacific Overlander only serves San Francisco — but good news is they do provide airport pickup.

Head over to Pacific Overlander for more details.