San Francisco | January 17, 2019 9:00 am

SF’s Outbound Collective Just Launched a Marketplace for Adventures

Expect paradigm-shifting trips to all corners of the planet

So where do you want to go on vacation?

We have MLK and President’s Day week/weekends coming up. Spring break. Memorial Day. And then the whole expanse of summer just around the corner.

To fill those vacation days, navigate right over to the new “travel marketplace” from SF’s Outbound Collective: it’s basically a one-stop shop for highly exciting adventure tours up and down the West Coast and around the globe. The trips come courtesy of partners like MT Sobek, Yogascapes, CMH Heli-Skiing & Summer Adventures and more, a veritable who’s who of the most storied and knowledgeable adventure operators in the game.

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Basically they all look amazing. If it’s us, we’re headed to:

Of course, if you’re looking to stay closer to home, they’ve got plenty of options at state and national parks throughout the country, and especially in the west. We also recently talked to Outbound Collective founder Brian Heifferon on his favorite campground. Bonus: it’s basically within city limits — no passports, just fare for the ferry.

Take a look, plan a trip and start counting down the days.

Images from The Outbound Collective