San Francisco | August 8, 2014 9:00 am

Orange Crush

By The Editors

The only thing predictable about the weather in these parts is its utter lack of predictability.

Whether it’s bikes, hikes or the odd regatta that gets you out of doors this weekend, the right top layer can make all the difference should things take a turn. Or, like, if you’re heading to the beach.

Our pick: the new Orion ultralight jacket from the waterproofing experts at Mission Workshop, available now.

At about half-a-pound in weight, it rolls up tight and barely makes a dent in your daypack despite delivering big on visibility and bone-dry shoulders.

Also it’s rife with aquaphobic pockets, including a clever document stash on the back for the rainy morning commuter.

And the detachable hood’s got a bill, which is a major function boost in the event of a downpour. How has that not always been a thing?

Finally, it breathes, unlike the one-note anoraks and raincoats it supplants.

Supplies are limited. Check it out at their SF shop or order online.

But hop to it either way. Insurance only works if you snag it before the need arises.