San Francisco | June 11, 2014 9:00 am

Leader of the Packs

By The Editors

The things you do (work, gym, travel, everything) dictate the things you carry.

How you carry those things — that’s your call.

If you like keeping your hands free and your options open, we suggest the new, limited edition cargo pack from Mission Workshop, now shipping.

It’s a looker, more restrained than other MW offerings but no less arresting, and it’ll also expand enough to accommodate a baby Borneo elephant, should the need arise.

The pack’s made from all things mil-spec. Water-resistant. Carbon fiber reinforced. Warrantied against a lifetime of rough use.

It’s also got one hell of a buckle.

For real. The AustriAlpin COBRA buckle is the sort of thing that makes gear nerds drool.

It’s eye-catching, sure, but it’s also the default quick-release used by the military, NASA and stuntmen for life and death, hanging-by-a-buckle scenarios.

Now on hand to secure your laptop and Lunchables against unwanted shifts.

So pack up your things. Then get doing.