San Francisco | March 10, 2017 9:00 am

The Only Jacket You Need to Conquer Spring

Rain? Wind? Done and doner.

Sure, the forecast (for the literal moment) calls for sunshine this weekend. 

But move four feet right and you may find yourself under a deluge (or a foot of snow, depending on how close to the Sierras your starting point was). 

That’s why you may very well need to know about this made-in-S.F. jacket: the Interval from Mission Workshop. It’s rain-proof, wind-proof and hella stylish to boot. 

Here’s why we’re into it:

Most water-repellent fabrics are stiff and stuffy. 

Not this one.

And that’s thanks to a high-tech fabric produced in limited quantity in Japan: an ultralight nylon that’s made to be breathable and move throughout the day with you. 

It’ll flex when you flex. So if you head out for a hike (or a ride, or a climb, etc.) under threatening skies, this is the jacket you want. 

If you’ve ever gotten sweaty in a non-breathable jacket, you know how gross it is. It turns you clammy, disheveled and generally unpresentable in a date and/or work situation with a quickness.

This’ll keep you comfortable. 

Plus, that black camo is a solid look. 

Grab one now before they’re gone