San Francisco | June 26, 2014 9:00 am

Prime Time

By The Editors

If you must wear a suit (it’s wedding season, and you must), you gotta get it tailored.

Not just tailored in measurement, but tailored in detail. The whole ensemble, including the watch.

And so: drop by the new Taylor Stitch outpost in the Marina this Saturday for Vintage Watch Days, a timepiece and custom suit pop-up curated by the experts at HQ Milton.

On display: Rolex, Heuer, Patek and more from HQ’s peerless collection of luxury watches — typically viewable by appointment only — for your one-day browsing and buying pleasure.

Mostly browsing.

Ask questions. We don’t drop the term expert lightly, and these guys are definitely that.

While you’re at it, test the expertise of Taylor Stitch’s custom clothing reps.

Handle swatches.

Get measured.

The custom manufacturing is handled by their storied partners in the garment biz: Southwick (for suits), Gambert (for shirts) and Rancourt (for shoes).

Since it’s all to your spec, it goes without saying there won’t be any instant gratification.

But what the hell, you’ve got time.