San Francisco | December 12, 2016 9:00 am

This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s Flightseeing Tour

You've never seen SF like this. Guaranteed.

You’ve probably seen S.F. from every vantage point. 

Top of Twin Peaks, bottom of Russian Hill, midway down Lombard, from the deck of a ferry heading to Alcatraz, sitting in traffic for a half-day on the (choose your favorite) Bridge. 

We can top that. Whatever you’ve seen, we can top it. 

Grab your camera and get ready for the “photo flight” of your life, courtesy of FlyNYON and their newly expanded offering in San Francisco. 

You may already know the company’s work in New York, where they’ve been dangling participants out of helicopters for a minute now. FlyNYON recently opened up shop here, sending up flights from Concord and making a beeline for our city’s ready-for-Instagram sights. Check out our New York bureau’s trip report, and we feel strongly you’ll be looking for the booking form immediately after

Because they’re, uh, just getting off the ground here, the coordinators of FlyNYON’s “photo flights,” as they’re called, offer a custom approach to the flight path. 

Want more fog, fewer buildings? Crashing surf? An abundance of those very bridges that keep you captive for so long? 

They’ll make it happen if they can. 

And don’t be intimidated if you’re not carrying around the latest five-figure photo setup: a FlyNYON rep says plenty of people go up with their iPhones. 

Let’s face it: you could probably take off with a first-gen Canon PowerShot in hand and your photos are still going to look great. 

Because you’re taking them from the sky.

Photo credits
Main image: Chris Henderson/FlyNYON

Second from top: Lexi Zozulya/FlyNYON 
Third from top: Lexi Zozulya/FlyNYON
Bottom: Vin Farrell/FlyNYON