Boxers or Swiss-Made, Military-Grade Briefs?
By The Editors / May 5, 2015 9:00 am

You know Olivers.

They have a singular talent for optimizing every element in a given piece of clothing, like these gym shorts with drawstrings made of military-grade parachute cord.

So when they announced their goal of crafting the ultimate underwear, we listened.

Welcome: Olivers’ take on the classic brief.

In troubleshooting this particularly troublesome piece of clothing, they began with the fabric.  

Cotton’s on the shitlist of environmentalists worldwide and tends to trap moisture and dirt next to the body.

Which led Olivers to polyester.

Not the paisley polyester of yore, but a hydrophilic varietal developed for military use by Swiss brand Schoeller, renowned internationally for their cutting-edge materials.

It stays dry, retains its shape and rides snug and comfy without bunching.

If Iron Man was making briefs, he’d order from Schoeller.

The Olivers brief has already hit its Kickstarter goal, and you can still get a piece of the action for $30.

Not a bad a price for a thorough underwear upgrade.

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