Varsity Jacket
By The Editors / March 3, 2014 9:00 am

Word on the street is that time is a flat circle.

So, too, menswear.

Some things just don’t go out of style. The varsity jacket, for example. Casual and layer-friendly with enough smarts to graduate to a more refined look when duty calls.

Here with their fresh take on this pedagogic staple: the local hoodie heavyweights at American Giant, shipping now.

AG’s varsity has all the of hallmarks that distinguish their sweatshirts from the flooded field — things like heavy cotton construction (12.4 oz. fleece) and reinforced seams that’ll put your favorite pair of jeans to shame.

Available in three colorways, this is also their first foray into polychromy, and they pull it off with flying colors.

Crisp. Bright without being flashy. Timeless.

Not to mention warm.

But while AG’s gear is built to stand the test of time, the same can’t be said for their available stock. If history is any sort of predictor, you’ll want to get your order in now.

Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting for this moment to circle back around.