San Francisco | April 4, 2014 9:00 am

Shell Game

By The Editors

Leather didn’t get to be king of Motorbike Land on looks alone.

Nossir. It earns its crown by keeping the elements and the asphalt at bay.

Looks don’t hurt, though.

And so, you’ll enjoy the Eclipse motorcycle jacket, available now online and at Aether’s Hayes Valley showroom.

Y’know, the place that looks like a stack of shipping containers.

Designed by Aether’s Cali crew of riding aesthetes and engineered by the veteran MotoGP kitsmiths at Italy’s Spidi, this puppy’s got all of the Mad Max-ian safety features you want (elbow armor!) but none of the bike-geek cheese.

Just a vintage fit and some sick quilting that you won’t see anyplace else anytime soon.

Fact is, it’s the sort of jacket you’re likely to rock whether you’re riding or not.

Whether you’ve ever ridden at all, for that matter.

All hail the king.