San Francisco | February 12, 2019 9:00 am

A New Airline Is Flying From SF to Tahiti on the Cheap

A low-cost carrier is finally going somewhere we want to go.

Don’t get us wrong — we’re happy for the $59 Southwest fares from SFO to Las Vegas.

But Tahiti is, well, next level. And you can get there on Frenchbee, a new, low-cost carrier flying straight to the Pacific island from SFO.

You’ll have to pick and choose for dates, sure. But this fare is usually much closer to $2,000 than $600, and it almost always involves a layover in L.A. So Frenchbee is cheaper and faster. (In fact, at just over eight hours, it’s two hours faster than flying nonstop to Paris.)

It’s cheap and fast enough that if you wanted to stay on Tahiti — the largest island in French Polynesia — you could have a first-rate vacation in the South Pacific over a long weekend. (Or stay longer! Head to Bora Bora!)

And if you haven’t been before, don’t fret: we’ve got you covered on that front as well.

WE’D STAY IN: A one-bedroom villa at The Brando, the luxury resort named for its former owner: Marlon, of the Hollywood Brandos. Your bathtub is outside, under the stars. Welcome to paradise. (For a slightly cheaper paradise, try the Intercontinental.)

If the spa, restaurant and activities at The Brando aren’t sufficient …

WE’D EAT AT: L’O à la Bouche, for Polynesian-French fusion, like duck breast with Tahitian honey and mahi mahi with Tahitian vanilla. (Note it’s closed for vacation through February 17, in case you’re making a plan to get outta town ASAP.)

WE’D CHECK OUT: Tahiti’s east coast with a Polynesian guide, supplying cultural insight, volcanic calderas and ample time for swimming.

WE’D FERRY RIGHT ON OVER TO: The neighboring island of Moorea, which is wildier and woolier — think volcano treks and waterfalls. (It’s accessible by ferry rather than plane, which is a bonus.) The classic trek is the Three Coconuts Trail, if you can dream it/pay for it, you can do it. Maybe a dolphin tour with a marine biologist?

Main image via Unsplash