Politics | October 30, 2017 9:17 am

John Oliver Slams President Trump’s ‘Ad Campaign’ Against Opioid Abuse

Comedian mocks the plan's lack of funding and 'really tough, really big, really great advertising.'

After President Trump announced a ‘national public health emergency’ last week to tackle America’s opioid-abuse epidemic, John Oliver pointed out that his plan not only lacks any additional funding, it fails to target people already addicted to opioids, instead focusing on those who haven’t yet used the drugs.

“It’s really, really easy not to take them,” President Trump said in a clip from his rally last week. “And I think that’s going to end up being our most important thing: Really tough, really big, really great advertising. So we get to people before they start.”

Oliver equates this approach to “seeing somebody neck deep in quicksand, and putting up a ‘Don’t Do Quicksand’ sign.” Take a look at the comedian’s coverage above.