Politics | October 23, 2017 4:10 pm

What James Comey Tweeted From His Secret Twitter Account

@FormerBu has been connected to the ex-FBI director.

The secret Twitter account of former FBI Director James Comey has been confirmed by journalist Benjamin Wittes, a close friend of Comey’s, Fox News is reporting.

Initially using the handle @projectexile7, then later changing it to @FormerBu, the account — named Reinhold Niebuhr — first started tweeting back on March 30, when it tweeted a meme of Will Ferrell as the character Ron Burgundy, then linked to the FBI jobs website.

Subsequent tweets are equally cryptic, showing various shots of nature and the silhouette of Comey himself. Fox News notes that the outlet Gizmodo reported months ago that the account was likely linked to Comey.

Fox News notes that Reinhold Niebuhr died in 1971; he was an American theologian who Comey wrote a thesis on during his time at the College of William and Mary.