Politics | September 28, 2017 11:44 am

China Ordered All North Korean-Owned Businesses to Close

This cuts foreign revenue for the isolated North under U.N. sanctions.

On Thursday, China ordered all North Korean-owned businesses to close, according to Business InsiderThis cuts foreign revenue for North Korea under U.N. sanctions that were imposed because of the country’s nuclear and missile programs. Chin

According to Business Insider, China is North Korea’s main trading partner. Beijing is essential to the success of sanctions aimed at stopping North Korea’s pursuit of weapons technology. China has spent a long time being North Korea’s diplomatic protector, but is currently going along with the latest penalties. Business Insider writes this is because of growing frustration with Kim Jong Un’s government.

North Korean businesses and ventures with Chinese partners have until early January to close, according to the Ministry of Commerce and reported by Business Insider. North Korean companies have restaurants in China, as well as other ventures, to help provide North Korea with foreign currency. There are also North Korean workers in Chinese factories and other businesses, Business Insider writes.

China’s foreign ministry also asked for a conversation to defuse the growing dispute between President Donald Trump’s government and North Korea. Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said that “breaking the deadlock requires all relevant parties to show their sincerity,” reports Business Insider. 

Though China supports the new sanctions, they do not want to push so hard that Kim’s government collapses, writes Business Insider. China is one of the five permanent Security Council members with veto power. The country also argues against doing anything that might hurt the North Korean people. According to Business Insider, Chinese officials complain that their country has to do most of the work, and bears the cost, of enforcing the sanctions, which have hurt businesses in China’s trade with the North.

Effective Jan. 1, China will cut off gas and limit shipments of refined petroleum products. It has also banned imports of North Korean coal, iron, and lead ore, as well as seafood, since early September, Business Insider reports.