Personal Tech | December 23, 2021 11:00 am

Deal: The Apple Watch Series 7 Is on Sale and Available Before Christmas

Three different styles of the popular smartwatch are up to $60 off at Amazon

A blue Apple Watch Series 7 smart watch, now on sale at Amazon
Last-minute Christmas idea: Buy this Apple Watch, now on sale at Amazon

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Admittedly, we weren’t that enthusiastic about the Apple Watch Series 7 when it was announced.

We weren’t (and currently aren’t) doubting its technical prowess or sleek look. It’s just that it seemed like a modest update to Apple’s fancy ticker line, which currently accounts for over half the world’s market share for smartwatches.

But if you’ve never owned an Apple Watch or you’re wearing a much older model, it’s a great time to either try one out or upgrade; right now, Amazon is taking up to $60 off the 41mm GPS Series 7 releases … and they’ll arrive before Christmas.

The Series 7 is more about subtle refinements than a complete re-imagination of the Apple Watch. Basically, the screen size slightly increased while keeping the smushed lozenge design paradigm the watch has had since day one. The new screen, which is 20 percent larger thanks to thinner borders, is an impressive engineering feat, with improved brightness and readability.

health insights on the Apple Watch Series 7
Some health insights on the Apple Watch Series 7.

If you’re a previous Apple Watch buyer, some features that might tempt you to upgrade: 33 percent faster charging, according to Apple; increased dust and water resistance; and—as usual — new colors and bands.  Speaking of colors: The models on sale at Amazon are the green, blue and red styles.