News & Opinion | July 22, 2016 9:00 am

This Alfa Romeo Could Fetch $2.6 Million

That’s a record-breaking price

The 1939 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B has a 2,905cc, twin supercharged eight cylinder engine and tops out at 110 mph, making it the most advanced sports car of its day. So says Sotheby’s.

It’ll make the news in our era should it fetch the $25M it’s set to score at Pebble Beach this August. That’d make it the most expensive pre-War car out there.

Back in the ‘30s high-end car buyers would purchase the engine and chassis and take it to a local coach maker for the body work. This two seater Spider (meaning open carriage) was made by the renowned coach maker Touring of Milan.

Of the 32 2.9 chassis made by Alfa Romeo, this long-bodied beaut is one of the most sought after because there are only 12 in existence.

The Telegraph reported: “The bodywork by Carrozzeria Touring was built using its patented Superleggera (Italian for super lightweight) construction method, consisting of an inner framework of pencil-thin, hollow steel tubes wrapped in outer panels of aluminum.”

Some food for thought: with the advent of 3D printing, we may go back to the localized style of automotive manufacturing.

Either way, you can’t deny that this is, indeed, a stunning automobile.