News & Opinion | February 19, 2020 6:24 pm

The 20 Accounts Every Guy Should Follow on Pinterest

It's not all salmon recipes. (Though there are plenty of salmon recipes.)

best pinterests for guys
Despite its feminine-leaning reputation, Pinterest is a great place for guys to find design inspiration, travel ideas and more
Javier Peñas

So, Pinterest: There’s more to it than ladies and their salmon recipes. (Though trust: It is an amazing repository of salmon recipes.) We’d like to make the argument that Pinterest, in fact, is the superior social network: Instagram without the agita, Facebook without the demagoguery, Twitter without the sense that you’re watching the world burn down. Imagine a place where the world’s most creative minds share the images and objects that inspire them — that’s Pinterest. (Plus recipes.)

TL;DR: If you’re looking to eat better food, design a better bedroom, or just live a more beautiful life, Pinterest is the lookbook of the Internet’s most appealing dreams.

Go sign up for an account — while you’re at it, follow us, for easy access to all our best stories:

And then, start with these guys:

The Future Perfect: For super-sleek home design

future perfect 

Design Milk: For a peek inside the mind of uber-curator Jaime Derringer

design milk

Arch Daily: For a compendium of new architecture worldwide

arch daily

The Future Kept: For a slightly more off-grid take on modern design

future kept

Grain Design: For a notebook of ideas from a top American maker of objects

grain design

Anton Dee: For the images that matter to a big-league design brain

anton dee

Aether Apparel: For that Aether-specific mix of minimal and natural

aether apparel

From up North: For the best in graphic design and typography

from up north

Woodworkers Guild of America: For a new career in woodworking


Smithsonian: For a tour through the grand museum’s collections


The Impossible Cool: For global style through the ages

impossible cool

Josh Draper: For an architect’s visual notebook

ManMade DIY: For a guide to modern usefulness


Mike D: For everything from “rad shit” to cartography (seen here)

mike d

Taschen: For the world’s best book design


Kaufmann Mercantile: For a superior home shopping list

kaufmann mercantile

Pentagram Design: For a new visual language


Stock & Barrel Co: For vintage motorcycles and leather goods

stock barrel

The Onion: For obvious reasons

the onion