News & Opinion | December 16, 2016 9:00 am

This Interactive Map Can Show How Dirty Your State’s Mouth Is

America's favorite curse words, mapped

As research has shown, cursing not only enables you to tell the guy who cut you off where he can stick his head up, it also helps you cope with situations in an apt manner.

If we’re going by that metric, it appears if you live in a state that borders the ocean, you’re likely better at coping than the rest of the country, at least according to an analysis of the 100,00 most popular English words drawn up by Quartz

To display the country’s most popular words and where they’re used the most, researchers used tweets and Twitter location data to create an interactive map that allows you to search for almost any word you desire. We searched for profanity, natch. 

According to the map, “f*ck” is most popular in coastal states, “sh*t” is most popular along the East and Gulf Coasts, and “scumbag” is used in the Northeast and almost nowhere else.

If you’d like to search for a term, profanity-related or not, give it a shot.