News & Opinion | April 6, 2017 9:00 am

Lie in Bed for Two Months Straight for Science — Best or Worst Idea Ever?

Would you trade a few bed sores for a $17,000 paycheck?

The French are known for their laissez-faire attitude, and if it’s your perogative to lie on your back for two months straight, who are they to judge? 

To study microgravity — what astronauts experience in a virtual weightless environment — the French Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology is looking for a few brave men aged 20-45 to eat, drink, sleep and perform all their other daily functions, bodily and otherwise, for 60 days while in bed.

“The idea of this study is to reproduce the weightlessness of the International Space Station,” study coordinator Dr. Arnaud Beck told 20 Minutes about the $17,000 gig. “The rule is to keep at least one shoulder in contact with the bed or its frame.”

According to the researchers, not setting foot on the ground for months can cause muscle loss, affect the cardiovascular system, create a drop in blood pressure and induce vertigo.

Not to mention bed sores. And the potential sense of feeling trapped. And probably nightmares. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes, fill out your application here.