News & Opinion | November 21, 2017 9:00 am

This Hawaiian Cabin Forgot to Put Its Clothes On

Don't worry, the bedroom's got walls

In the world of DIY getaways, you see a few archetypes crop up time and again: tiny cabins, modified campers, treehouses and fixer-uppers. This Maui getaway takes a more “deconstructed” approach to the genre and won’t be contained by simple things such as foundations and walls. The Outside House by Oregon architect Erin Moore is a reimagining of a dweller’s relationship to the front door set into a Pacific-facing hillside of volcanic rock.

The set-up is two spaces — an open-air kitchen and dining space, and a closed, unassuming hamlet facing the mountains, with a large bed and desk. The structures were built with materials being brought in by hand to minimize destruction of the ecosystem, and are suitable for rainwater collection, solar panels and a composting toilet.

Moore fetched first prize at the Building Voices Design Competition earlier this year. 

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