News & Opinion | October 25, 2016 9:00 am

Hikers Honored a Widow’s Request to Fulfill Her Late Husband’s Hiking Dreams

Are there blisters in Heaven?

The boots you see above next to an Appalachian Trail marker belonged to a guy named Paul.

Unfortunately, despite his lifelong dream of finishing the trail, Paul’s body never allowed him to start the 2,190-mile hike and his size 13s sat unused next to his filled backpack after his death.

That is until his widow M’Lynn had a brainstorm while clearing up her late husband’s gear and contacted Duct Tape Then Beer, the producers of the Dirtbag Diaries podcast that had kept Paul connected with the hiking community when his health made it tough to walk down the block.

After connecting with the outdoors group, M’Lynn sent Paul’s boots to the U.S. from Australia and DTTB coordinated a network of hikers to carry ‘em from Georgia up to Mount Katahdin.

With help from REI, the boots made it through 14 states and five National Parks before finally arriving at their destination during a journey that was chronicled in a film that’s available here.

Here’s the trailer for the tear-jerking tale: