News & Opinion | October 26, 2016 9:00 am

Watch Two Excitable Bros Narrate a Car Chase, Capture America’s Hearts

‘Holy sh*t, son! Get that motherf*cker!’

By The Editors

If you’re driving with your bud and happen upon a car chase, there’s really just one thing to do.

Bro the F out … and record the whole thing for posterity.

That’s exactly what two Indiana gentlemen and scholars did when they were on the road near Indianapolis and a high-speed police pursuit of a rogue semi-truck forced them to pull over. The video they recorded of themselves watching a portion of the hour-long chase — which only ended when police shot out the truck’s tires  — is basically Dude Where’s My Car meets Kai.

Be forewarned: the language in the video is a bit NSFW and the fits of laughter you’ll have while watching it at your desk may make your coworkers give you weirder looks than they already do.