News & Opinion | October 26, 2016 9:00 am

Nat Geo Has a 360-Degree Tour of Mars Right Here, Right Now

Your move, Musk

Nothing surprises New Yorkers. Even creepy clowns couldn’t phase ’em.

Welcome to New York. Now get out of my way.

And so when a series of suspicious domes popped up today at the corner of Canal and Varick, most people probalby ignored them. But we’re here to tell you to take note. Because those domes, friends, represent your one and only chance to take a trip to Mars. Or the closest VR is going to take you, anyway.

A new experience from the National Geographic Channel in anticipation of the launch of their new scripted series Mars (premieres November 14th), the exhibit offers viewers 360-degree views of the surface of the Red Planet.

In the video, an astronaut aboard a spacecraft walks viewers through a landing, complete with a firsthand look at the planet’s mountains and valleys. Take note: it’s bumpy. Also: educational. The ride is a lesson in interplanetary physics, with Martian gravity simulated via a special treadmill typically used for rehabilitation that underweights the lower half of one’s body to match the local atmosphere. It’s a trip and a half.

And if you don’t live in NYC, the video experience is compatible with a home VR set.

If you do, the in-person Mars experience is free and open to the public. It is located at the corner of Canal and Varick and open Wednesday, October 26th from 12pm–5pm and Thursday, October 27th through Saturday, October 29th from 12pm–7pm.