News & Opinion | December 8, 2016 9:00 am

Dutch Police Are Testing Augmented Reality, Will Soon Be RoboCops

We'd buy that for a dollar!

To serve the public, protect the innocent and uphold the law, the Dutch are invoking RoboCop.

According to the AD, Holland’s national police force has started testing augmented reality tech during their operations in order to offer cops the same kind of assistance that Murphy once received.

By using a shoulder-mounted smartphone to capture images, a wrist-wrapped phone for notes and marking evidence, and a visor-like AR device similar to a Microsoft Hololens to display useful information, the Dutch police are trying to help detectives in every way possible.

Beyond aiding with crime solving, the tech will be used in courtroom proceedings to give judges and jurors the chance to see a crime scene through the eyes of an investigator.

If testing of the AR tech proves beneficial, it could be widely implemented in as few as five years … perhaps even on eagles.