News & Opinion | January 6, 2017 9:00 am

A 105-Year-Old Man Just Broke a Cycling Record

What have you done in 2017?

Cycling at 14 miles per hour doesn’t sound like it’d be entirely difficult; regular recreational cyclists cruise at 16-18 MPH and top out around 30. But for Robert Marchand, 14 miles in any amount of time is a milestone. That’s because he’s 105 years old.

Marchand, who just set the world distance record for his age group (the over-105s, which is apparently a thing), says he could’ve gone faster but missed the signal meant to alert him of his final loop, which he’d been saving energy for. He says to keep his muscles from getting “lazy,” he bikes every day. He’s also been a vegetarian ever since his 60s. The best part? The Frenchman didn’t even start cycling until he was 68, thereby disproving that old notion about old dogs and new tricks. Great fodder for us all at the starting line of 2017.

Image credit: PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images