New York | March 31, 2014 9:00 am

Ottoman Empire

By The Editors

Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s apartment.

It’s practically a commandment, written into New York’s real estate bible (also known as a Co-Op Agreement).

Here’s how those neighbors are furnishing their square feet: WorkOf, a new marketplace that reveals elegant furnishings crafted by the most talented woodsmiths New York has to offer.

WorkOf combs NY workshops from Sea Cliff to Crown Heights to reveal where-did-you-find-this furniture.

Translation: not the same Mitchell Gold sofa everyone else has.

Inside: firms like Red Hook’s Pickett Furniture, churning out polished tree stump stools, wall-worthy skateboard decks and a stereo cabinet so boss your correspondent paused while writing this article to buy one.

Or Manhattan’s Desiron, crafters of killer couches and one seriously stupendous credenza.

Also: devil-housing details like gilded wallpaper, brassy light fixtures and a cheese board you might actually show off to the fellas. No BS.

Better to be the envied than be envious.