New York | July 13, 2016 9:00 am

It’s TED Talks Meet Coachella, in Central Park

Ozy’s Fusion Fest presents the future — in one day

What do Wyclef Jean, the ladies of Broad City, Karl Rove and Malcolm Gladwell have in common?

They all want to talk about the future … with you.

This is not a joke. It’s one very awesome day in Central Park called the Ozy Fusion Fest, full of interactive art, live music, political powerhouses, innovators, activists and assorted other movers ‘n’ shakers.

We’re sold. And here are the five reasons why.

Because Ozy Rules
If you don’t know Ozy mag, the time to learn about ‘em is now. They are one of our go-to daily reads and a major hub of ideas and discussion for the “change generation.” Their content is pivotal, poignant, oftentimes hilarious (“It’s Called Espresso, And Yet Here We Wait”) and from time to time, splendidly perverse (“Should You Replace the Xanax With Books?”). It’s about time they took the goods live.

Because the Speakers Are LOUD
Malcolm Gladwell will be addressing the boons and downfalls of being (or desiring to be) the 1% … Political heavy Karl Rove will touch on the three key issues in desperate need of context ahead of election day … The Broad City cast will remind you that everyday should include an “LOL” moment … and Judy Smith, the producer of Scandal, will take on the value of anonymity in this day and age. And the roster goes on.

Because You Are Curious About the Future
Underlining everything from the discussion panels to something called the “Good Sh*t Bazaar” is the fest’s futurist theme: i.e., where the world can and should be as we hurtle toward the next decade. We, for one, are curious what social scientists have to say on the matter, and if we can congregate in the park on a blanket to hear about it — even better.

Because We’re Suckers for Live Music
The all-star lineup includes Wyclef Jean,, Andra Day and more. You had us at music.

Because Snacks!
But not just any $14 festival grilled cheese. We’re talking Iron Chef, Food Network celeb and award-Winning toque Alex Guarnaschelli of NYC’s Butter. Bring your questions, your ID (there will be beer and wine) and your elastic waistbands.