New York | March 3, 2017 9:00 am

Three Super-Rare New Men’s Havens Require Your Attention, Stat

So a cutler, a bikemaker and a tailor walk into a warehouse...

So a bikemaker, a cutler and a tailor walk into a warehouse in Brooklyn …

No, this isn’t a joke. It happened. It’s open. And you need to go there ASAP to admire their wares.

In fact, it’s one of three spankin’ new NYC men’s havens peddling goods and garments you won’t find anywhere else.

Just try to keep their coordinates out of your mouth. Let’s keep these our little secrets, eh?


What it is: A workshop and highly curated showroom the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before. The brainchild of Max Poglia (knives), Helio Ascari (bikes) and Alessandro Squarzi (threads), The Space is a by-appointment destination with a focus on superior quality, unparalleled craftsmanship and can’t-get-it-anywhere else cachet. You can even get yourself a cut from the famed Russell Manley of Ludlow Blunt, who has an in-house barber chair on site.

What you’re snagging: Brace yourself: you’re going to want it all. There’s Poglia’s conversation piece-knives, Ascari’s world-reknowned handmade bicycles, and art from Richard Haines. Plus, a collection of style from Old Joe Japan, AS65, Fortela, Osklen kicks and Canada’s Himel Bros. leather jackets. All guaranteed to turn every head you come in contact with or your money back (don’t quote us on that).


What it is: A personal styling service on Wall Street combining top-shelf service with a super modern shopping concept. Make an appointment, close the door behind you and a stylist will meet all your sartorial needs — and pour you a drink.

What you’re snagging: Date attire, from GANT’s new Tech Prep line (their classic button-ups and knits redone in movement-friendly materials for dudes on the go) to exclusive sneak previews of unreleased collections. 

Image via Tye Marchelle


What it is: An old-school Spanish footwear brand’s first New York City flagship.

What you’re snagging: Footwear in more than 150 styles, from stunning suede sneakers to hand-painted dress shoes to boots and shoes in exotic skins.