Miansai New York
By The Editors / January 9, 2014 9:00 am

A well-placed accessory is the no-look pass of the menswear game.

It shows you’re paying attention. You know what you’re doing. You’re good enough to make it look effortless.

How to pull it off: visit the wristwear crackerjacks at Miansai’s new flagship shop in SoHo, where they’re dishing out all the watches, bracelets and leather goods you need to church up any ensemble.

First up: Miansai timepieces featuring Japanese movements, Swiss crystals and stainless steel, with interchangeable leather bands you can wrap twice around the wrist for a layered effect.

Leather goods on hand include everything from rope-wrapped journals to two-toned wallets. Soon, Miansai will offer to custom-stamp each piece with a monogram while you wait.

Miansai also stocks bracelets in beaucoup hues of supple leather and nautical rope (the very same the U.S. Navy uses), fastened with hooks, anchors and clasps in finishes from flat black to solid gold.

Plus assorted menswear accoutrement, from anchor tie bars to reversible leather belts.

Also coming very soon: Miansai’s “build your own” station, where you’ll choose your own rope or leather and closure hardware.

Call it going pro.