New York | June 24, 2016 9:00 am

Six Tips on Picking Out the Perfect Summer Suit

Freemans' tailors on the art of warm-weather formalwear

Summer’s no time to let yourself go.

That’s what winter and marriage are for. (Har.)

It’s a season that cries for slip-ons and trunks, sure — but you’re still going to have to suit up on occasion.

Enter: Freemans Sporting Club’s new Made-to-Order suiting program. Guests can now customize suits from silhouettes to tab trousers to button details … but without the typical made-to-measure pricing. The program provides a comparably accessible entry point of $1,165 for suiting and $850 for sport coats.

To help get you started, we tapped Freemans’ tailors for some summer formalwear know-how, from the sweat-friendliest fabrics to the best seasonal colors.

On fabrics …
Cotton, linens and mohair are best for tailored garments in warmer weather; you’re looking for a combination of breathability and durability. Linen is the most breathable, but you’ll have to be comfortable with the wrinkles that attend it. FSC thinks of wrinkles as adding an air of informality to a tailored look. Cotton is also no-brainer.

But the favored fabric of FSC, regardless of season, is mohair. From a practical perspective, the weave is loose, coarse and very breathable. And its structure makes an exceptionally rough-and-tumble suit that can transition to early fall or late spring.

On cuts …
Depending on the occasion, you can go a little more casual. FSC excels at crafting a tailored jacket that feels like it’s simply a shirt. The idea is to remove all of the unnecessary bits and make it as unstructured, light and comfortable as possible. Said jacket is pretty much compulsory for spring and summer in New York City, where you often need a smart look that still beats the heat.

On colors …
More: summer means more colors. Brighter and lighter blues, dove greys, tones of peach and red and seersucker: all are solid bets. But a fella can always bank on navy and charcoal no matter the season. 

On accessories …
Lightweight knit ties are always great with linen or light cotton shirts. No-show socks are still trending in the market as people wear lower-cut shoes or sneakers with tailored outfits. Get a straw hat for both casual and dressy looks, and a lightweight baseball cap for more casual occassions.

On shoes …
Slip-ons are the way to go. Just make sure the make matches the situation.

On breaking the rules …
“Always break the rules.”