New York | September 23, 2014 9:00 am


Find a good reason. We’ve got your easy way out.

By The Editors

The city’s a sucker.

The longer your stay, the more difficult the escape.

And the more you need one.

That’s the ethos behind Daytripper, your handy guide to a weekend away from New York this fall, brought to you in partnership with the all-new GLA by Mercedes-Benz. Check it out.

First rule of fall getaways: have a proper getaway vehicle.

For that, we suggest the GLA, a compact, fuel-efficient SUV packing 43.6 cubic feet of storage in the back up to 355 horses under the hood.

Getting-outta-Dodge index: 10/10.

Now that’s taken care of, let’s talk plans.

We’re sending you Upstate. On tap:

  • A hike to New York’s highest waterfall
  • Homestyle eating in the heart of the Catskills
  • And your rustic digs for the night, spring-water pool included

So grab a co-pilot and gather your goods and chattels.

You’re a daytripper now.