New York | April 23, 2014 9:00 am

Crash Pad

By The Editors

You know what’s wonderful? A great mattress.

You know what’s awful? Lying on those mattresses in Sleepy’s — the awkwardly public mattress professionals.

Circumvent that nonsense with Casper, a “sleep start-up” peddling space-age mattresses sans traditional hassle, now available.

No Saturday wasted on a trip to the “showroom.”

Just a damn fine mattress, engineered and produced in the US of A, delivered to your doorstep the day your order it so you can get back to dreaming peacefully of things other than buying a mattress.

To keep it simple, Casper offers exactly one firmness: a layer of high-tech latex over traditional memory foam — a combo that conforms to the body, effectively regulates temperature and provides added bounce to facilitate “indoor sports.” (Karate? Karate.)

By streamlining the manufacturing process and cutting out traditional sales hacks, Casper delivers quality Zs at a fraction of the price — via same-day Uber in New York, no less.

Once the mattress is delivered, you get 40 nights to test it before making your final decision.

So go ahead, sleep on it.