Music | November 1, 2019 10:00 am

Songs of the Week: Haim, Deerhunter, Vince Staples, and More

The season of more contemplative music is upon us

Haim's "Now I'm In It," complete with Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video, is one of our Songs of the Week.

Does autumn signify a time for more thoughtful, contemplative music? If this week’s new singles are any indication, that just might be the case. Haim offers a new song with a boldly-directed video, while Deerhunter turns even more eclectic than usual. Here are some of the new songs that have gotten our attention this week, including a playlist to bring you up to speed.

Deerhunter, “Timebends”

Deerhunter’s music explores alienation in oftentimes majestic ways, and their new song “Timebends” takes that seemingly contradictory blend and pushes it to its logical extension. For starters, it’s 13 minutes long; its blend of instrumental virtuosity and guitar heroics recall a more human-scaled version of Pink Floyd’s Animals.

Twin Peaks, “Our World”

Recorded at the same time as their recent album Lookout Low, this country-tinged song moves ahead at a jaunty pace. It’s the ideal song for a lazy autumn afternoon, quietly hopeful with a few neatly blissed-out harmonies utilized decisively throughout.

Vince Staples, “Sheet Music”

Released on the second episode of The Vince Staples Show, “Sheet Music” offers a hazy, restrained melody and lyrics that both reference a jet ski and head into more sinister territory. It’s a study in contrasts, blending pop acumen with moments that never let the listener get too comfortable.

Office Culture, “I Move in Shadows”

There’s a certain strain of pop songwriting that blends impeccable hooks with a puckish sense of humor. That’s evident in the video for Office Culture’s “I Move in Shadows,” from their new album A Life of Crime. The music is beatifically smooth; the video, meanwhile, uses a documentary style and intentionally distracting subtitles to poke fun at rock interview conventions.

HAIM, “Now I’m in It”

If you’re going to have someone direct your video, why not reteam with one of the most acclaimed American filmmakers working today? HAIM’s video for the bouncy, anthemic “Now I’m In It” features direction by Paul Thomas Anderson. Throw in unconventional use of a carwash and some badly poured coffee and you have a winner.

Tame Impala, “It Might Be Time”

This week brings with it news of the next album from Tame Impala. The Slow Rush is due out next February, and its first single is “It Might Be Time.” You’ll hear some nicely-deployed falsetto vocals here, along with keyboard playing seemingly designed to summon Michael McDonald the next time this group takes the stage.

Torres, “Good Scare”

Also announcing a new album due out in early 2020 this week? Torres, whose Silver Tongue will be released in January. Its first single is “Good Scare,” an atmospheric dose of unpredictable pop with mournful vocals which builds slowly and meticulously towards a powerful conclusion.