Music | November 4, 2017 9:00 am

Piano Prodigy Wants to be Herself, Not a ‘Second Mozart’

Alma Deutscher composed her own opera at the age of 10.

Alma Deutscher, Piano & Violin Compositions video screengrab (YouTube)
Alma Deutscher, Piano & Violin Compositions video screengrab (YouTube)

A number of classical music aficionados have made comparisons between musical prodigy Alma Deutscher, who has played piano and violin since she was 3, and the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But the 12-year-old British composer and virtuoso firmly told CBS’ 60 Minutes that she’d much rather be “the first Alma” rather than the “second Mozart.”

“I know that they mean it to be very nice to compare me to Mozart,” the girl, who composed her first opera at 10, said. “Of course, I love Mozart and I would have loved him to be my teacher. But I think I would prefer to be the first Alma than to be the second Mozart.”

Take a look (and listen) to her incredible talent in an older video above, and check out the teaser for her new full profile on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 7 p.m. EST below.