(John Negroni)
(John Negroni)
(John Negroni)
Are all Pixar films connected? (John Negroni)



Eagle-eyed viewers may have spotted a few similarities in several Pixar films. Some have even suggested they’re all tied together. One fan, Jon Negroni, created an elaborate theory that the films exist in the same universe, on one long timeline. And a video posted on Facebook by the animation studio just proved he’s right.

Negroni spent a year creating an intricate timeline that tied all the Pixar movies together, beginning and ending with Brave, and naming his work the “Pixar Theory.” According to Negroni, “every movie is connected and implies major events that influence every single movie.” In Brave, the main character discovers ancient magic, which turns her into a bear. That same magic also explains the talking animals, toys, superheroes, and the other unrealistic aspects of films in the Pixar universe. Negroni created a website, complete with an interactive timeline that plots out how all the films (up to Monsters University) are tied together.

For an in-depth explanation, check out Negroni’s site here. (John Negroni)


The video from Pixar Studios, which it called “Easter Eggs,” doesn’t start with Brave, but with Finding Dory, and works its way backwards chronologically. But it does seem to support Negroni’s elaborate “Pixar Theory.” The video links Finding Dory to Inside Out, Inside Out to The Good Dinosaur, and more. Some of the best easter eggs include the appearance of Bug’s Life character Flik as a toy knocked off the shelf in Toy Story, as well as Mr. Incredible, from The Incredibles, on the cover of a comic book in Finding Nemo.

Think the “Pixar Theory” holds up? Watch the video below to find out.


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