Menswear | August 25, 2020 8:05 am

Taylor Stitch Just Dropped Their New Merino Base Collection

Introducing the Merino Tee, Boxer and Sock

Taylor Stitch Just Dropped Their New Merino Base Collection
Taylor Stitch

Merino wool is not what you think. Yes, it does carry “wool” in its name, but whatever ideas you have of itchy, stuffy and hot fabric, throw them out the window and consider Taylor Stitch’s new Merino Base Collection. The collection consists of short-sleeve t-shirts, boxers and socks, all crafted from ultra-fine merino wool.

For those unaware, the specific type of wool actually carries many benefits such as temperature regulation, moisture management as well as resistance to odor and stains. So instead of inducing all these things as one might assume, the wool is actually working on your behalf to keep you cool and dry (and smelling good).

Taking the benefits of the material a step further, Taylor Stitch has included a special mercerization process, a process in which a textile is treated to improve its durability, texture, luster and generally extend its lifespan. So if you’re looking for wardrobe basics that are going to look and feel good, look no further.