Menswear | August 12, 2020 11:50 am

Deal: Grab This Discounted Patagonia Better Sweater Shirt Jacket, Wear It All Fall

The essential transitional layer in your favorite fleece

Patagonia men's Better Sweater shirt jacket in blue, grey and green
Patagonia's Better Sweater takes on the ultimate form: the shirt jacket.

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I was lucky enough to spend a week at a cabin up north recently and had the distinct pleasure of breaking out my fall gear early as temperatures got down to the 40s at night. But make no mistake, those brisk winds are coming for us all soon.

Which is why you’d do well to pick up Patagonia’s ultimate autumnal layer while it’s 30 percent off. No, I’m not talking about a Better Sweater zip-up, but the Better Sweater Fleece Shirt Jacket with buttons and a collar and everything.

It’s available for $48 off in four classic colors (and $79.50 off in camo), and unlike some of the other best deals on Patagonia’s site, sizing is good throughout. But why does this trump the classic zip versions? For the simple reason that for all the overblown talk of buying “Zoom shirts,” it does feel better to at least have a collared shirt during your at-home video conferences, and with this shirt jacket you get that low-bar of respectability with the comfort of Patagonia’s industry leading fleece. Bring it on, fall.