Menswear | December 12, 2019 12:15 pm

Deal: The Olivers Mystery Box Offers 50% Off Excellent Everyday Basics

But except for size, you won’t quite know what you’re getting

Olivers Mystery Box

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I can’t always remember what clothes I own or where I put the clothes I like, so I figure I might as well embrace the unknown. To wit: Olivers, a made-in-LA lifestyle brand, is offering $300 of product for $150 and $600 worth of gear for $275.

The caveat is that the exact contents of each box are a mystery, but customers do get to choose their size. Besides, Olivers does really well with your everyday basics and utility layers. One box could seriously provide with a year’s worth of new casual wear.

Passage Pants

The boxes will contain some but not all of the following: Pants (Passage, Transit, Bradbury, Base Series), Shorts (All Over Series, Capital, Base Series, Breakaway, Zuma), Tees (Convoy Series, Club, Terminal Series, Varsity) and/or Midlayers/Outerwear (Transit, Porter Series, Gate Jacket).

The Mystery Box sale lasts through 12/18 or until product runs out. We say, buy it for a loved one, wrap it and you can both enjoy the surprise when they open it