| July 24, 2020 5:07 pm

We Found the Perfect Clothes for Your New Normal

Ventlight Mesh by lululemon will make you feel put together and comfortable at the same time

We Found the Perfect Clothes for Your New Normal

Suffice to say, these past few months have been … a lot. And, in modern times anyway, they’ve been damn near unprecedented. But for better or worse, we are living with a new normal. Sure, there are one-on-one coffee dates and small gatherings taking place in our friends’ and families’ backyards, but by and large, life is still taking place in our home offices, on our couches, and at our dining room tables.

Four months of this is more than enough to send a person into a pretty serious sartorial rut. 

So rather than suggesting you start rocking your stiffest raw denim or, God forbid, anything resembling actual business attire, allow us to recommend the new Ventlight Mesh collection from lululemon. The line features everything from chino-inspired shorts and pants to joggers and all manner of button-down shirts and outer layers, and prizes breathability and mobility above all else. It lends itself miraculously well to a wide range of activities and situations, during which you’ll look sharp and feel as comfortable as you would if you were still camped out on your couch.

Below, find three situations you very well may find yourself in over the coming weeks and months, and our recommendations for the Ventlight Mesh pieces that will help you get through them.

The Small Backyard BBQ

It’s officially barbecue season, and even the most casual of backyard get-togethers is cause a little sartorial effort. Impress family and friends with this smart pairing featuring lululemon’s Evolution Polo and Commission Short 9″in Ventlight Mesh. One can never go wrong with the classic short sleeve polo/short combo, especially when it comes to an outdoor gathering, where the breathable, linen-like Ventlight Mesh fabric will keep you cool even as you man the grill.

A One-Off Trip Back to the Office

Returning to the office after months away is a pretty big deal, and you’re obviously going to want to remind your co-workers just how stylish you are. But instead of opting for a stuffy suit, prove you’re both professional and fashionable with the Ventlight Mesh Commission Pant in Slim and Airing Easy Long Sleeve Shirt, all while remaining supremely comfortable. Your coworkers will be left marveling at how put together you look, while having no idea that you basically feel like you’re lying on your couch in your boxers.

Coffee with a Friend

Now more than ever, there is a very real temptation to rock your most beat up old sweats on a coffee date with a friend. Instead, consider these Ventlight Mesh ABC Joggers. The silhouette is similar to that of your most beloved sweats, and the feel will be similar as well, due to the elasticized drawstring waist. But thanks to the streamlined leg and the clean leg opening, you’ll look far more put together. Paired with the 5 Year Basic Short Sleeve Henley in a peachy orange hue, you have the recipe for an outfit that’s as comfortable as it is stylish.