Deal: Levi's Entire Site Is 40% Off

Remember jeans?

Deal: Levi's Entire Site Is 40% Off
By Lee Cutlip / April 6, 2020 11:28 am

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the silver lining these days, but Levi’s has taken it upon themselves with their current sale, where everything is 40% off (included already discounted items).

At this point in self-isolation, jeans are practically a forgotten thing of the past, something you once put on when getting dressed but have now been relegated to nothing more than a relic of better times. But it’s time you reacquaint yourself with jeans, and you might as well welcome them back into your life (and wardrobe) with a new (and heavily discounted) pair from Levi’s. Even if you just manage to throw them on for a quick stroll, they’ll at least make you feel somewhat normal again.

And if you’re going to get some jeans, there’s no harm in throwing in a trucker jacket (and try the Canadian tuxedo while you’re at it) and some $12 tees. Just be sure to use code SILVER40 at checkout.

512™ Slim Taper Fit Men’s Jeans

Vintage Fit Trucker Jacket

Slim Fit Crewneck Tee Shirt (2-Pack)

501® ’93 Straight Men’s Jeans

Sunset Pocket Tee Shirt

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