Deal: Don't Sleep On Lands' End's WFH Gear, Now 40% Off

They'll meet all your sweat and hoodie needs

Deal: Don't Sleep On Lands' End's WFH Gear, Now 40% Off
Land's End
By Lee Cutlip / April 6, 2020 1:33 pm

When you’re shopping around for WFH clothing, Lands’ End might not be the first place you’re inclined to look, but you’re seriously missing out. The brand’s range of sweats, sweatshirts, hoodies, tees and things of the like not only provide optimal comfort, but they come in a range of colors and patterns that’ll prove to be a reprieve from the monotony of those boring grey sweats. And now you can get a closets full worth of WFH goods at 40% off with code MIST. What’s sweeter than some seriously discounted sweats and slippers?

Serious Sweats Jogger Pants

Long Sleeve Serious Sweats Hoodie Sweatshirt

Long Sleeve Serious Sweats Crewneck Sweatshirt

Suede Leather Moccasin Slippers

Super-T Short Sleeve Stripe T-Shirt

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