Menswear | September 20, 2019 11:47 am

Deal: Cone Mills Denim for Just $27? Tell Us More.

Jomers is giving InsideHook readers an exclusive (and ridiculous) jeans sale

Jomers White Oak Cone Denim
Rare denim from North Carolina, now over half off at Jomers

Jomers will sell you some incredibly natty suits for $250, along with other premium menswear for definitely non-premium prices. 

So when they have a sale, they’re practically giving the clothes away. Like now, with some quality denim at ridiculously low prices.

Some background: In the spring, the brand introduced its first denim collection. The jeans were crafted from denim sourced from the legendary Cone Mills White Oak plant in North Carolina, which had over a century-long history — the scarcity of the product since its 2017 closure means you had bargain brands like Wrangler selling jeans for $200 made with Cone Mills’ denim

Jomers White Oak Cone Denim

So the team at Jomers flew down to NC to purchase as much of the White Oak denim they could get their hands on. This makeup here is a 11.25 oz 99% cotton and 1% stretch fabric that they’ve single rinsed to remove any staining or bleeding. The pants are offered in a slim fit and in multiple inseams, with no stitching on the back pockets or any easily noticeable branding. And the hardware hails from YKK’s Japan branch.

Overall, it’s a clean look that puts the emphasis on the quality of the denim, yet only at a $68 price point at launch. Now, those same jeans are just $34 for a brief time … except for InsideHook readers, who can claim ‘em for additional 20% off (about $27) through this link.

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