Frank And Oak Took Timeless Fall Layers and Made Them Modular

The vests, bomber jackets, topcoats and parkas are also sustainable, too

Frank And Oak Smart-Layering Menswear Fall Winter 2019 Collection
All of the pieces in Frank And Oak's newest collection — from topcoats to insulated vests — can snap into each other.
Frank And Oak
By Alex Lauer / September 11, 2019 4:07 pm

As autumn creeps in and knocks your shorts-and-tee wardrobe out of commission, any style publication worth its salt is talking about one thing: layering. But when it comes to the most essential colder-weather hack, it’s much easier said than done. Some fabrics don’t work well with others, the breathability of different layers can cause sweat issues, and that’s not even considering clashing colors and patterns.

Frank And Oak, the Canadian outfitter that focuses on sustainability as much as style, came up with a solution. They’re calling it, simply, Smart-Layering outerwear. But the design process was far from simple.

Whereas another menswear brand might design its clothes to layer well with anything (which is never really the case in practice, is it?), Frank And Oak took a two-pronged approach: designing outerwear that works well on its own, but works even better when paired with other pieces in the collection. Built into each piece is a “hook and loop layering device,” which is essentially a way of snapping the different layers into each other. 

In other words, if you don’t have time in the morning to figure out what vest goes with what jacket, or don’t have time to look at the Doppler to calculate whether or not it’s going to rain, just grab one piece from each of the three different categories and figure it out as the day unfolds. Those categories …

Frank And Oak Skyline Bomber Puffer Jacket
This packable bomber jacket is also available in black and wine colorways. (Frank And Oak)

Thermal Base Layer

The Skyline Series includes both a bomber jacket and a vest, which are water-repellent, filled with 3M Thinsulate lining, and both able to hook into the Lawrence topcoat and Triple Torrent parka below. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need a warm base like this, bring one anyway — it packs down into a compact velcro pouch.

Frank And Oak Recycled Wool Lawrence Topcoat
The Lawrence topcoat is also available in navy and black colorways. (Frank And Oak)

Wool Top Layer

About that sustainability element? The wool in the Lawrence topcoat is actually all recycled (and makes up 70% of it) as is the polyester lining. That doesn’t cut down on warmth or, as you can see from this classic camel option, style. 

Frank And Oak Triple Torrent Waterproof Parka
The Triple Torrent parka is available in black [pictured here] and green. (Frank And Oak)

Waterproof Shell Layer

If it’s going to be wet outside, skip the wool and grab the Triple Torrent parka. Yes, it’s waterproof and sports both a hood and fishtail, but despite its traditional appearance there are plenty of covetable details, including recycled nylon construction and magnetic flap pockets. 

Still not sure which layers are right for your climate? Head on over to Frank And Oak’s collection landing page and click on “Warmth guide” — it’ll show you how the pairings will fare at different temperatures. But remember, they’re Canadian, so you’ll have to brush up on your Celsius.

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