Menswear | January 14, 2020 11:18 am

Deal: Everlane Polos Are Only $18, and That's Just the Beginning

Menswear staples are 50% off until they’re gone

Everlane men's polos, straight fit jeans, Oxford shirts and jackets
Everlane's Farewell Sale nets you half off a variety of menswear essentials.

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Everlane has made a name for itself by offering clothes that feel comfortably simple, but wipe the floor with other brands in terms of manufacturing transparency, an eye towards sustainability and getting all the details right — so even if they’re basics, they’re not basic

If you haven’t tried the brand yourself, it’s understandable, because on a normal day the price point can sometimes feel a little high. Today is not a normal day. Everlane is currently running a final sale in the men’s (and women’s) department, with prices on some of their most quintessential garments slashed to 50% off.

They’re calling it “The Farewell Collection,” which means we won’t be seeing these styles anymore. So whether you’re new to Everlane or an anti-logo fanboy, you’re going to want to pick up these polos, jeans and Oxfords before they’re gone forever.

Everlane Men's Pique Polo Shirt

The Pique Polo Shirt

$18 polos without annoying logos? We’ll take one in every color.

Everlane Men's Straight Fit Jean

The Straight Fit Jean

Four different blue washes, plenty of sizes and just the right fit.

Everlane Men's Air Oxford Shirt

The Air Oxford Shirt

If you sweat more than the average gent, grab this ultra light (but still durable) Oxford.

Everlane Men's ReNew All-Weather Jacket

The ReNew All-Weather Jacket

The ReNew collection features garments made out of upcycled plastic bottles.

Everlane Men's Air Oxford Short-Sleeve Shirt

The Air Oxford Short-Sleeve

The same fabric as the long-sleeve, but ready for summer and warm-weather vacations.